Many operational laboratories are overwhelmed by casework and carry significant backlogs, making it difficult for scientists to accommodate research within the operational pressures of their organizations. However, these laboratories are often the first to identify technological needs, based on their own experience of where scientific improvements are needed and where knowledge gaps exist.

Universities can provide a strong research capability, and partnerships between forensic laboratories and academia are mutually beneficial. The purpose of the Institute for Forensic Research, Training, and Innovation is to promote the exchange of ideas and technology, whereby the laboratory becomes engaged in meaningful research and provides access to additional scientific resources, and the university is able to establish meaningful partnerships with industry. Ultimately this allows the university to demonstrate industrial relevance and the forensic laboratory to demonstrate broader scientific awareness. Academic partnerships can play a significant role spearheading innovation, conserving resources within operational labs, and enhancing the profession.

The conflict that arises between popularly-promoted science and reality makes it all the more important for operational laboratories to have strong ties with universities and capitalize on bilateral partnerships between academia and industry. Universities can play an important role in the quality management continuum of an operational laboratory by providing scientific education and valuable research. Access to resources necessary for rigorous scientific research is a major advantage of these partnerships. Linking operational laboratories with productive research programs provides a basis for a proactive and forward-looking profession.

The Institute for Forensic Research, Training, and Innovation also presents a unique opportunity for corporations, industrial partners and instrument manufacturers to integrate their technologies, effectively serving as a launch pad for technology transfer and innovation.

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